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Collated terms from S-52 not included in the ECDIS Glossary
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 Posted: Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 02:13 pm


In this post I have brought together the conclusions from the three separate topics on ex S-52 terms.

Please note that I have removed RNC and RENC from this compilation as they are indeed included in the ECDIS Glossary (S-32 App 1). Not sure how they got in here as well!! I have also removed SOLAS as we did this last year and it is currently with Member States for approval!!

In the last couple of weeks I have added all the terms from the ECDIS Glossary (S-32 App 1) to the on-line Wiki in English. In doing this I discovered what I believe is the best and easiest way to handle acronyms and definitions and you will see several examples in the attached file. Basically the acronym appears with a link to the definition and in the definition the acronym appears as the first element of the definition. In this way it does not matter whether someone looks for the acronym or the definition they will see both. This also solved the issue with GNSS and GLONASS; both appear as acronyms but they both link to the 1 entry for "Global Navigation Satellite System" and this contains the two definitions of GNSS and GLONASS.

Finally I have corrected a few small typos in the earlier individual "final" texts and found a couple of other words which need to be hyperlinked.

Please comment on these as you see fit.

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